For the full-fledged cashless era.

Skimming prevention card case smaller than the business card case “Migalu” is a small wallet for adults using real leather.


●The arrival of the cashless era

A full-fledged cashless era will also come to Japan.
With that, card forgery by “skimming” is increasing.
“Migalu” card case protects your card information from this skimming.

●For a minimalist

“Migalu” skimming prevention card case is smaller than a business card holder, compact.

Even if you put it in a jacket or jeans pocket,
it does not swell greatly and is smart.

●Comfortable design and genuine leather texture

We prepared a simple design and calm color.

Because you are using real leather (cowhide),
you can feel the texture suitable for adults to have.


Migalu protects your credit card information from skimming damage.

What is skimming?

The most common method of abusing credit cards

It extracts your information from a credit card or cash card with a special device called skimmer,
It is an act of shopping with a counterfeit card based on it and unlawfully pulling out cash.

Recently a famous entertainer confessed the damage on television.

The skimmer is very small, it is also possible to take out the card information in the bag by passing each other.

Migalu’s card case protects your card information from this skimming.


Perfect for minimalist ☆ Minimum storage capacity required

Up to six cards can be stored in skimming prevention case.

(If there are embossed cards, up to five embossed cards including up to 3 cards will be)




Even if you turn upside down, the card will not fall.

Even if you turn upside down with the card stored, the card will not fall.

(It does not fall even if only one is stored)

I upside down with the card out,

If you shake it downwards strongly, the card may come out.





Compact size smaller than the business card holder and iPhone 5S

Because it is smaller than the business card holder and iPhone 5s,
It is inconspicuous even if put in jacket or jeans pocket.





Payment is also smart.

When pulling the lever at the bottom of the case, the cards in the case are shifted little by little.

It is very convenient to put frequently used cards at the back.

When you want to take out the inner card,
If you push down on the card in front of the cart with your fingers, it will be easier to remove it.

The card appears with one hand operation, so payment at the cash register is also smooth.

It is not necessary to look for the target card and to bring it back.

Recommended for gifts with neat construction of real leather

From 167 people out of 300 people said “Good product if I get”.
※ Our research

【Percentage of “nice products if received”】
Women: 51.9%
Male: 64.8%

It is also recommended for gifts.



To overseas business trips and sub wallets when you can not have a big wallet.

● For a minimalist
● To the card faction of you
● As a wallet to use for overseas business trips and travel
● Cycling and jogging, instead of your wallet when you can not carry your luggage
● When you use a small bag instead of your wallet


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